"German Design Award Special 2019" by the German Design Council

The floating cushion 190x130 cm was invented in 2010 by Isa Schütze. It consists of a waterproof inner pillow filled with polystyrene beads and air. By acclimatization the optimal lying and seating comfort is made possible. A textile pillow cover that meets the demands of the pool (does not fade, does not mold, etc.) and feels like cotton, which gives the lying on it actually the feeling of floating at the highest unsurpassable level.

Statement of the jury

A distinctive and practical recreational floating lounger for pools in a range of modern, vibrant colours that excite the eye. The use of materials to replicate the feeling of cotton is seemingly particularly relaxing.


Excellent Product Design Gardening and Outdoor Living


chillisy® by Isa Schütze


Isa Schütze

"Best Top Partner 2018" by the club of Top-of-the-Mountains

Our chillisy® philosophy was honored with the Touristic Award "Best Top Partner 2018" of the club Top-of-the-Mountains.

"Best Outdoor Cushion Brand 2018" by the Central Europe Business Institute

Chillisy® is one of the best-known brands of high quality outdoor cushions and was recently awarded the "Best Outdoor Cushion Brand 2018" by Central Europe Business.